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My problem is a) this is in fact NOT an uncharted era as the media keep saying, there is probably more EU set around this time than any other, and I enjoyed getting that stuff, it helped me through the "between EPII-III drought", why go back and re-hash it? Lucas' lack of care for, and knowledge of the EU, just Spurs the elitist "G canon only!!" Nazi's on and I hate that. B) The cool thing about EU is that you have so much cool stuff being made, but if you dont agree with it or like it, then that's cool, but with GL having a direct hand in it, it is now G canon, so it is up there with the films, unavoidable.

I think it was mildly entertaining, whether it be for me, kids or newcomers to the saga, But I think there are far more interesting uncharted era's that could of been explored, It was very commercialized and simplified, the so called nod's to EU and the OT were noticeable to a casual fan, I expect more from my Star Wars now.
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