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Originally Posted by DarthZayne View Post
1.your wrong you just proved that your not playing the game either on x360 or ps3 , because the enemie respawn if you die.
Granted, I bought the 360 version two days ago and I haven't tested it yet. So excuse me if I was wrong on that part.

2. the only thing I'm corroborating is how wrong you are. Like i said using powers even if its breaking the pace is still part of the combo , example the launcher in GoW.
Nay, they're not. Especially not on GoW since if it just take a few seconds for the combo count to reset. And Square, square, triangle, a launcher? It's more like a smasher.

3. dude comon , I'm not talking about the boss , dont change the subject with stupid facts, because you just got broke when I said that you can kill all the enemies not the boss the enemies with that combo , not only because its safer its easier to dispatch a bunch of enemie and plus its doing tons of damage and to let you know i beated both games 3 and 4 times .
I'm not talking about the bosses either. I'm talking about the corresponding first stages on both games. The whole thing, not the bosses. And if you've beaten the game using only this combo, you're the God of War yourself.


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