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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
Well, ebay, or find a local store that refurbishes and sells them bad boys. You'd be surprise how many places you can find them.

Are you dead set on getting one of the originals or do you just want to be able to run the cartridges?
If you just want to run the games, I would definitely buy an FC Twin. Review of FC Twin. You can find those in local game/comic shops a lot of the time. Call around and ask what they have in the way of 16-bit console emulators.

Link to Seller. There's also sellers listed on Amazon for it.
I saw a bunch of those FC twin things on ebay, was wondering what that was. Thanks for the link. I think I'd rather get an original SNES though, for nostalgia's sake (got my first one in '94), and also because I still have all of the wires and such in good condition, so all I need is a deck. I wish I knew of some local places that would have one, but it's probably going to be a lot harder to find now that half the city is out of power. I guess I could drive around blindly and make note of stores if they're not open, but if I don't find anything it'll be time to go on EBay.

Also, @Moller, VC doesn't have Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.
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