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It makes it not worth using the upgrade menus.
I wish it was more fluid.

A decent ranking and scoring system could have saved this game from just being average. Unless you are a massive StarWars fan there is nothing really to make you want to replay the game. Having a good score system (like the one in rainbow six vegas 2) would have been a good way to give you a reason to play through the game again.

There are some really fun bits and the force powers are great but the whole upgrade system just feels horribly tacked on and like a massively wasted opportunity to make the game from something pretty average into something great.

Don't get me wrong..... i really enjoyed playing this game. I loved the destruction and using the force powers. I also enjoy how you can get creative with how you choose to dispatch your enemies. I just wish they had put in reason to hang onto the game once it was completed.
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