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Yeah I enjoy annoying readers by not continuing with the story

ACT 1: The end of days

Chapter 1: In the beginning...

3,951 BBY

Things usually escalate from bad to worse in a matter of moments. Normally I don't know what that is like, but that day 5 months ago I knew all about it

I used to live on Manaan. Manaan being a water world I because accustomed to it. I think I was looked upon differently by the other Selkath, maybe it was because I owned an apartment instead of sleeping beneath in the water. I felt far better when I soaked in a kolto tank every single morning then I ever did awaking submerged in simple salt water. Such a morning did occur.

I awoke inside my Kolto tank one morning. The bright sun of Manaan shined through my windows towards my furniture. As I looked upon all of these things inside I couldn't help but wonder. Where was I the night before.

I slowly got dressed into my Arbiter clothing. I made my living back then as an Arbiter on Manaan. Being an Arbiter, it made me feel better about myself once I proved someone innocent or guilty. I didn't really know then what it was about. My Arbiter clothing was dark red with streaks of yellow all placed onto it. As I got dressed I noticed a hold-out blaster from the night before with a datapad next to it.

"Remember me?" Words said scrawled onto it. I smirked as I reached for the small hold-out blaster, not knowing what it was all about. I slowly hid the blaster on my person and walked out of my apartment into the sleek streets of Ahto.

Ahto was quite possibly my favorite place on Manaan. Sure going underwater could be fun, but all you would see were Firaxa or other Selkath. On Ahto you could see many different species. Human, Chiss, Zeltron. I heard someone saw a Wookiee once before. I didn't understand why all the other Selkath just pitied off worlders and hoped they would get off the planet as quickly as possible. I envied them, they were able to go to wherever their hearts wanted. From what I learned not many Selkath even wanted to journey off world.

As I walked over to the courts I looked over at a large group of Sith troops nearby. I heard all about how Darth Malak was killed 5 years before, but I kept wondering why there were still Sith occupying Ahto.

Once I made it into the court I was quickly greeted by fellow Arbiters. Many of them noticing the special case I was working on.

"Are you sure you can take this? I mean the evidence is clearly weighed against you." One Arbiter asked me as I walked past him. I shrugged and showed him a datapad I was holding.

"I can take it." I responded to him.

The High Court presided that day as it always did. As I walked past all the judges I looked towards my client, the accused.

Here was how it went. Some human named Spexil Cluth got drunk on his share of Jawa Juice and bumped into this Rendar Ruth person. There was a large scuffle which resulted in the murder of Spexil by this Ruth person. There was video evidence which suggested that Ruth pulled out a blaster and shot him point blank for just bumping into him

The odds were against me, this was a simple challenge of stretching the truth slightly.

The High council went through all the simple introductions and quickly asked the Arbiters for their evidence. I quickly went through standard procedure. I spoke about how this Spexil person was a famous drunk and always picked fights. Then I spoke about how he threatened Ruth, causing Ruth to pull a blaster on him and fire point blank.

The other Arbiter quickly went through a simple morality case. How Ruth should have known better then take the ramblings of a drunks seriously. However this Arbiter was already known how inexperienced he was and as soon as the High Council went to discuss the case, everyone already knew what the outcome would be.

It was innocent of course. Rendar Ruth looked upon me like I was a form of Angel. I nodded in his presence and left the court room as quickly as I could.

Life was good. Simple cases, recognition, easy credits. Everything was going good for me and I didn't know what was wrong with it. Sure this Spexil person died in vain, but who really cared?

Of course life usually finds a way to complicate itself. Later that day after finding out what my next case was I decided to take a break and rest at the Cantina.

The Cantina was of course full of mercenaries and republic troops off duty. Sith troops had shortened their numbers during the previous years, but they could still be seen every so often getting a drink. However this time I simply ordered a Kolto water and relaxed drinking it.

I felt a pat on the back and turned my head to see Rendar Ruth smiling at me. He wore a dark black goatee that was rather noticeable with his short brown hair.

"Well hello there. I have to thank you again for springing me out of there." I gave him a good motion as he began to stand up.

"Well I have to head on out of here. My next transport takes off in a few minutes. But if you ever want to get off this rock and your on Coruscant give me a call." I nodded to him but I silently laughed inside my head. The likely hood of me deciding to leave Manaan was almost 0.

As Rendar Ruth walked away I silently drained my Kolto water and stood up. Noticing another patron by himself in the corner of the Cantina. But I quickly ignored him as I walked out of the Cantina and headed for my apartment

Later as I went to sleep I didn't notice a holo camera clicking on inside my apartment.

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