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Now this is just puzzling me - why is there no code to play as Darth Vader in the 360/PS3 version when you played him at the start, but there IS a code to unlock the Emperor?

360/PS3 Character Codes (so far)

MASTERMIND - The Emperor
MANDALORE - Rahm Kota (no, not Boba Fett unfortunately)
HARDBOILED - Drunk Rahm Kota (seriously. Thanks LucasArts, but can't we have Darth Maul, Vader, Obi-Wan, Shaak Ti, Maris Brood, or anyone else apart from another Kota?)
PROTOTYPE - Proxy (I doubt he can change into other characters, but I'll see. If not, why the hell HIM instead of Darth Maul?!)
VICEROY - Senator Bail Organa (You're taking the piss now LucasArts)
TK421GREEN - Various Stormtroopers.

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