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Lovin the game but Nar shaada?? **Spoilers?**

Im sure the bit before you go to cloud city they say you are going to nar shadaa, they are not the same place. Did i get confused here, which place is it supposed to be, nar shadaa or cloud city?

Also i love the game, so much fun, pretty much finished it in 3 sittings i was so addicted. Just a few bad points in the sounds being out of sync which is weak, often in game engine cut scenes had the lightsabre sounds at teh wrong point, which was a bit bad. Other than that smart, and i loved the evil jedi ending, going to play it through again now and do the right thing so no spoilers bout that here please!!

I think its totally amazing (in a bad way) that lucas has made this game canon though, do you think he has actually seenit? I mean its a fun game but pretty much a lot doesnt fit with the starwars galaxy in my opinion!

What are your thoughts?
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