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Lightsaber Hilts

Hey all, made a new account here to discuss something about TFU. I'm one of those people who notices the little things, so after beating Sith Master I began looking at the costumes and such. Now I know on the Sith Stalker he has 6 hilts total, his original, Rahm Kota's, Half of Darth Maul's, Darth Vaders, his new hilt, and an unknown force users hilt. Any idea who the unknown's might be?

Also I noticed on the Ceremonial Jedi Robes he isn't using his original hilt, but a pure white one, which is a different style. Any idea if this might be his fathers? It looks similar.. and I can't figure out who the other two sabers belong to. Just something I've been racking around in the brain. Sorry to all those who will think this is a stupid thing to try and discuss. XD

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