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Oh, I can see it now: Zaalbar in the smuggling compartment, the floor above him bulging slightly as he tries to fit his great bulk inside it. Once the Sith soldiers have left, he rips through the floor, grabs a sword, and runs to the rescue!

I'm sorry, I hate Zaalbar. However, it would be interesting for him to have something to do here. The way it is, it's like...ooooookaaaaaaaay, now that I'm done with Kashyyyk, what is the walking fuzzball doing here again?

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

Short stories:
T'katlu: On the planet Felucia, a young apprentice of the Dark Side thinks back to the beginning of her training as she lies in wait for her prey...

All the Time: After four years in the Unknown Regions, the Exile returns to the known galaxy to visit an old enemy.

Broken: A master of the Dark Side finds himself about to lose the one thing he cares about--and he will do anything to stop her from endangering herself.
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