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I fully support our National Health Service, this 'Universal Health Care system'. To me, it has always been a source of fascination that one of the wealthiest governments on the planet made their people pay for basic healthcare.

Now, from experience...

A member of my family is seriously disabled. He requires a long list of medicines, along with visits from a nurse and, occassionally, emergency admittance to a hospital, not to mention equipment to administer medicines, and meetings with consultants. Now, as a UK resident this all comes to us free. NHS costs are (if I understand correctly) part of our national insurance contribution from taxes.

If I was a part of a 'capitalist' healthcare system, I believe that this kind of extensive healthcare would be well out of range, due to financial restrictions. Of course, correct me if I am wrong, bearing in mind that I am not from a particularly wealthy family.

The universal healthcare systems may not necessarily provide the absolute pinnacle of available medical care, but at least we don't need to resort to 'back-street' physicians, or worse go without. The physicians that we see are approved by a system controlled by the government - which guarantees a certain level of ability. The private care system is still there in Britain and France (I can't attest to the others) for those who really want it, but we all have the access we need to care at all times.

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