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K1 has always been what kept me from replaying TSL, which I've only played through twice. KotOR is like a cycle for me. I'll stop playing it (usually after completing it), for about 4,5,6 months. Then, all of a sudden, I'll start getting that special feeling, and, after about a week of thinking about it, I'll pick it up and embark on another 60 hour epic. Thing is, whenever that special feeling kicks in, K1 is always just ahead of TSL in terms of nostalgic longing.

I think it's that I just enjoy K1's atmosphere and characters more than TSL, which is strange because I find TSL's characters more developed in certain respects. I guess I just like Bastila too much . The environments of K1 are certainly more appealing to me, as I find many of TSL's to be a bit uninspired. I think the "dark" atmosphere of TSL sort of sucks the ..well, life out of the environments you visit. In K1 the planets were all so different and colorful. TSL's just feel too dank and miserable for me to even want to visit them. K1 also feels more epic to me. While I appreciate TSL's attempt to convey a darker aftermath to the events of K1, I don't find it quite as gripping as its predecessor.

TSL's horrible flaws toward the end also keep me sticking with K1. I anxiously await Team Gizka, however. As soon as that comes out, I'll certainly be purchasing a PC copy of TSL. I'm positive they will enhance TSL to a new level of greatness.
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