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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine
I didn't see you giving that option either, unless you speak for America?
I was speaking of America. If you are in a different country then that country if it has UHC in my opinion you don't have many options.

What I've been saying is with CHC the majority get good care as long as the work hard. Yes in minor cases I believe people sometimes don't get what they need. In UHC everyone is subject to a set standard of care that cannot be set higher. Those that happen to provide care higher than the standard in my opinion probably doesn't happen very much. Make no mistake if it does I'm glad. My point is CHC is not hindered by a set standard of care that does not allow for advancement or increased income. UHC yes everyone gets some level of care. But all have the disadvantage of not having the best care money can buy. Or have some of the best docs I believe are in the US.

In small instances here and there yes I'm happy those of you under UHC have received care quickly. Understand the majority in CHC Believe have gotten it quicker more times than not by my opinion and by what I've seen.

You've seen instances where care was quick. So have I. In the end it is our own opinion and how we interoperate what we see and our encounters. These are my views of CHC and my view of UHC. And Respect your views against CHC and support for UHC.

But these are my views which I'm sticking to. You've proven to un waiver in yours.

Nobody said that they didn't believe you. They said that simply being related to a medical professional does not make you an expert on medical matters.
Your correct. I was simply talking about those that did. Their posts have been removed. I appreciate that.

The United Kingdom, not that it has anything to do with the topic.
It does in that it lets me know what kind of health care system you are speaking from. Thank you for your answer. Compared to us your taxes are lumped together according to some British I've talked to on a recent cruise.

Which supports what I've been saying. To pay for a government run system like UHC the people have to pay high taxes for it. That's my opinion.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Less options with UHC.

Guys it's right there to look up online. But okay here:

Here's some about mortality rate. Make your own opinions. I have:

Originally Posted by Bee
busting his hump.
What a conundrum! You cannot move without money, employers will not hire you unless they have no other choice, and especially not if you are ill.
If your car is out of gas hike, ride a bike, and when you go for an interview show your willing to work hard. Let them know your motivated. Appeal to them with your plight. They might show sympathy on you and your situation.

Attitude really does count as well

What your father knows is not what you know.
I do know what he knows when I talk to him. I learned his medical knowledge when he'd talk about it. I learned of his experiences. And I know he's a caring father. I know this because his brother was a diabetic who had a brother up in Pennsylvania didn't help him to drive him or help him with anything. Don dad's brother is the one with diabetes. Tom was the brother that did nothing for him.

I do know he's compassionate. He helped Don move where I live states away. He got Don care. Paid for surgeries, Don had a hard time doing much so my father even took care of cleaning him. He got the man a nurse. Got Don in an independent living place. A fulfilling life Don spoke he had. Friends, he loved the dollar store, he was funny with jokes. And we enjoyed him while he was alive.

Without my father's compassion Don would've died due to his do nothing brother Tom not taking care of Don. Don lived 9 years down where I live because I know my father and that he cares.

Don had to go on dialysis. My father drove him there and back home. He took care of Don's shots. With Don's mental state sometimes Don wasn't himself.

My father did all this without a thank you or money. He cared for his brother. He cares for his patients when he worked. He cares for what he did.

So you don't know my father. I do.

This is on topic because it shows those in the private health care system are compassionate and I do know my father and what he knows.

humane ( according to the Free Online Dictionary)
1. showing kindness and sympathy
2. inflicting as little pain as possible: a humane method of killing minke whales
3. considered to have a civilizing effect on people: the humane tradition of a literary education [variant of human]

Please note meanings 1 and 2. Not much room for misinterpretation there, imho. Definitions are precisely that--to define a word and to leave as little room for ambiguity as possible. If you look back at what you have posted, especially your evident lack of sympathy to those suffering (because you judge them deserving of every iota of pain and misery), you should realize that my request for you to stop abusing the word is really quite reasonable.

I may not be an authority on poverty, but I have witnessed it, whereas you give no indication that you have. Or perhaps you are simply not interested in *why* poverty exists and would prefer to simply live with the presumption that all poor people are lazy. I also do not live with the delusion that my life would have turned out the way it has even if I was born to a poor family.

I do not see what being a blogger has to do with the topic.
Those in the medical field take the Hippocratic oath which is to do no harm. We show kindness and sympathy for those good people who worked and bad things happened to them. We don't for those that didn't try.

literacy. Yes we have that too. Though I'm not sure how that has to do with UHC. We allow all citizens to have access to being literate. We are humane. Our hospitals are clean.

I do not see what being a blogger has to do with the topic.
Those that do not help themselves I have no sympathy for. That's my right to have that opinion.

As doctors accumulate experience and expertise, their pays are adjusted accordingly. Even so, I hope that the doctor would want to improve, whether to better serve the patients or as a matter
Which system of health are are you saying they get higher wages on experience? If you mean CHC then yes. For UHC not for doing a better surgery I believe.

That is all well and good, but again, it does not address my point.
Because someone said that he continued to work despite his hearing issue. I said he didn't and why he quit.

The post may have been deleted now. I don't feel like reading every previous post to find it. It's not relevant to the topic anyway. This and your comments on it anyway in my opinion.
None of your posts to date in this thread have been deleted. --Jae

All along, you have been arguing that universal healthcare provides inferior care to patients. So what is your stand now? Is the same level of healthcare restricted to those who can afford it a better system than one where an equivalent level of care is offered to all?

Edit: SD Nihil, you might find this and this interesting.
No because it was one instance that only told about a country that matched CHC's mortality level. Not one that was better. Even if there was. The majority of countries that have CHC and those that have UHC II believe CHC have overall better results for the majority.

I really wish more conservatives would post on this topic. I feel very alone much of the times while posting on this forum. I would appreciate their findings and incite. I've heard the liberal and world incite heavily.

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