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Levels of care and increase of pay yes can be changed. But it's only if the government feels it needs to be changed. Those that got their procedure done quickly that was because the government determined it was necessary and urgent.

With CHC you are not subject to the government telling you when you can advance or gain pay. The only limiter is you and how hard to work you want to work.

And it depends also on the type of UHC government. If it is socialistic or communistic. Here's a search results source:

The 'best' doctors are those who will care for a patient without thinking of fees, or other such nonsense.
We do think of care first, but fees yes we think of also. Food on the table means you have to get paid.

Posting a list of links on Google is not providing a source, nor is it proving your point. You can't simply say 'here's the evidence, if you can find it'.
If you'd click on the links and read you'd learn. I'm not about to post so many links. I just don't care to. You can easily click on them. I'll do what I want when posting my sources anyway.
If you're wanting to support your argument, you really need to provide the specific sources to support your claim. Others do work for their claims, please do the work for yours, or there's no point to your argument. --Jae

A Doctor's first, and only duty, is to care for the sick, no matter what their circumstances are, or who they are.

A doctor shouldn't care if the person they're caring for has no money to pay for treatment - anyone who enters the medical profession to make money has entered the wrong career.
Later we think of the patient's lack of income if they don't have it. But at the time we think only of the patients care. We later think that patient had no money and that my tax dollars have to pay for his lack. But not the first thing we think of.

Look at the results. I feel that no matter what I post as a source it won't get approved of if it supports and proves what I've been saying because you guys I feel won't change your views anyway. Well neither will I. That's my right too.

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