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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Those that got their procedure done quickly that was because the government determined it was necessary and urgent.
No, they got their care quickly because a Doctor deemed it necessary and urgent.

The Government provides funding, and leaves the Doctoring to those who are qualified.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
If you'd click on the links and read you'd learn. I'm not about to post so many links. I just don't care to. You can easily click on them. I'll do what I want when posting my sources anyway.
I'm not clicking them because those links provide more links to hundreds of pages - how am I supposed to know which pages are supporting your viewpoint?

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
I feel that no matter what I post as a source it won't get approved of if it supports and proves what I've been saying because you guys I feel won't change your views anyway. Well neither will I. That's my right too.
I haven't got a set stance, and i'm willing to see things from another angle, but you haven't said a single thing that convinces me that a CHC is better.

Also, you didn't address the question at the end of my last post.
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