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think your stance on poverty (and how to get out of it) is wrong on a fundamental level, SD Nihil.
You stated repeatedly that hard work and effort will always enable you to beat poverty. But that's only one factor, out of many. You have to consider all of those. Surely you agree that chance, luck and circumstances are important as well? What about talent and intelligence? Either you're born with those traits or you're not. They affect your success, just like effort does.

Long story short, some people will not be able to afford healthcare, no matter how hard they try.
And you have right to your view. I've never said always you can get out of poverty. Maybe it's the government, maybe you continue to have bad luck no matter what, or maybe a둸 way to get out of it came along, but you didn't see it would work.

I'm not saying always. I said if you work and try and do your best in your life, in a capitalistic society more times than not you'll succeed. I believe this.

No, they got their care quickly because a Doctor deemed it necessary and urgent.

The Government provides funding, and leaves the Doctoring to those who are qualified.
That's what we have in CHC. The doc determines care. UHC government has ultimate control over levels of care and advancement.

And the funding comes from high taxes on the people.

I'm not clicking them because those links provide more links to hundreds of pages - how am I supposed to know which pages are supporting your viewpoint?
And how can you expect me to pick out from so many links either. There is too much evidence on it. Look yourself at the many links. I know what I believe and you know what you believe. Your not going to ever change me. I bet neither I am not going to change you.

I haven't got a set stance, and I'm willing to see things from another angle, but you haven't said a single thing that convinces me that a CHC is better.

Also, you didn't address the question at the end of my last post.
In my opinion you sure don't act like it. And that's your opinion that you think I haven't answered it.

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