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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Less options with UHC.
By your own standards below this is not true.

Less likely to have that option on UHC. In both PHC and UHC there might not be a good doc for your condition. But in PHC if there is money to be made there will be someone working on a treatment.
Exactly, if there is a local hospital, and a local doctor, it doesn't matter if the hospital is UHC or CHC. The options remain the same.

With UHC there is less incentive to do that. No reward. Unless the country's UHC government designates a doctor to work on this condition. Again the care you get in America isn't hindered by a level of care level set by a UHC system.
Honestly, I'd rather it be hindered by a UHC system than by greed. Which is what you are saying defines a doctors decision to provide service. Not if it keeps people healthy, but if it makes them money. As people who've posted here have attested to, that is not the motivating factor for becoming a doctor.

If money is the only motivating factor in your life, that's fine, but don't assume that just because we live in a mostly capitalist nation that money is the ONLY motivating factor for everyone.

That's right. You try to find the best doc that is good for your budget and good for you medically. UHC you can't choose level of care.
I think I just heard a "woosh" when that went over your head. Since you missed my point, here's what I'm syaing.

You just broke your leg.
You need it fixed.
You have a thousand dollars.
Everywhere you go that provides any leg-fixing service and won't leave you with a myriad of other problems(such as infections, disease, or having your eye eaten out by ants), costs $2000 dollars.
Because your leg is broken you cannot work, because you can't afford to get it fixed, you are now disabled. You can never work again, and because you have no money you can't even afford a wheelchair to get around in.
You now put no money in to the system and become a drain on society.

Under UHC system your leg is fixed through taxes you and others pay and you're back at work putting money into the system a few weeks later.

You know, for some reason, I find it impossible to argue against a system that will not turn you in to a drain on society because you don't have enough money.

That's why if it's a risky surgery and the doc refuses to do it even though you are paying them then find another.
that wasn't my point at all. My point is as follows.
Dr A has a great record.
-this is because he doesn't do procedures A, Z, and G
Dr B has an ok record.
-This is because he takes on far more patients, but for all his efforts can't save them all.

My point is that even though Dr A has a better record, this does not make him the best doctor for the job. Because his record does not include the procedure you need.
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