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Seeing as though others are not going to say anything. Each one of our opinions is justified to ourselves. How we each preceive the world depends upon our own experiences and lifespace. My perception of an issue is different from everyone elses. Making the case for or against Universal Health Care is not simple. We have an argument over morals, and one over another set of morals. Do we help those in need over the expense of taking away from another? That is a tough argument to make. Do we take from one person's table to feed another who is capable? Another tough argument to make. Do we prevent those who need assistance from not getting it due to illness or physical condition? Another tough argument to make. Some people see a clear line between good and evil, and others see a world of gray tones. We have a heavy debate on this issue, and both sides are yelling foul. Volunteers and visitors are both yelling at the same time. If the solution to this problem was simple, we wouldn't have people in congress fighting. LucasForums is about bringing people together. We as humanbeings cannot help but express through emotions. It is our nature.

One of the deepest theories known is easy to understand. Mankind will eventually destroy itself. Why? We are both cunning and vial at the same time. We are capable in making weapons of mass destruction, but we are incapable of solving the more easier aspects of life. The debate in this forum reminds me of such argument. What is human? What is moral? What is freedom? Was it responsible?

One of the well known quotes in science-fiction comes to mind. "The needs of the many outway the needs of the few, or the one." I don't know if we can fully comprehend this paradigm in our lifetime. Living in a world where we are split right down the line can blend the majority. Where does the many stand? We may have a majority that believe one way in these forums, but where does the majority of the world stand? We can argue and debate for days, and we will never be closser to an answer.

While posting in this thread, I want everyone (volunteer and visitor) alike to keep this post in mind. This issue does not have an easy solution, and we may never see a true concensous to this argument.

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