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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
That's what we have in CHC. The doc determines care. UHC government has ultimate control over levels of care and advancement.

And the funding comes from high taxes on the people.
No, as i've said, it's my Doctor that determines the level of care I recieve, not the government.

And a slightly higher tax is a small price for the knowledge that I won't have to pay more for surgery should I be involved in a car accident, or should I need drugs if I develop a condition.

I'd much rather have universal care for all, as opposed to great care for some. Yes, it has it's flaws, but with Universal Healthcare, the Elderly, the Infirm, the Young, and both Physically and mentally disabled will all recieve care, whereas with your system, they have the potential to be cast aside in favour of more affluent patients.

It's sad that a 'civilised' society should charge its citizens for what should be one of their most basic rights.

EDIT: It might also interest you to know that the NHS doesn't simply recieve funding from taxes. Funding is also recieved from prescription drug fees (meaning you only need to pay for aftercare, not the primary care) and other services such as sight tests and dentistry.

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