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[KoTOR] Holster Weapons Mod (First Release!)


New Version 1.1 released.
New in this Version: If the party gets attacked or any hostile people/creatures are in sight, weapons will be automatically reequipped.
Download from my Homepage


Hi all,

a few days ago I started playing KoTOR I again. The first time I set foot at Taris I felt the urge to holster the parties weapons. Especially because it seemed so unnatural in a lot of places where just normal living is going on, running around with weapons drawn. It feels even more out of place if one of your characters is using swords. And beside that, I was told to keep a low profile . So the idea for a "Holster Weapons Mod" was born.

Even so I am an experienced NWN2 modder (xUI), I am new to modding KoTOR. However, I am very good at NWN scripting and KoTOR scripting is not that different. I also am good with Photoshop and do have a little experience with 3D modeling.


In the first step I am developing this mod so that it lets you unequip respectively equip the parties weapons by a click on a button, or by activating an item, or by pressing a key. This part is already under development.

The second step is to check if it is possible to extend the mod to make it possible to see the weapons holstered on the character models.
I am currently not sure that this can be achieved, but want to try. For this part I am looking for someone to help with the 3D modeling. So if someone is interested send me a message or post in this thread.

Every help I can get will be highly appreciated.

Have Fun


The first step is already progressing very good.
However, so far the only way I could figure out to make what I was aiming for, seems to be an Armband attached with a script.

I would have loved to do it by adding a new Button to the UI or by creating a new hotkey where the script is attached to, but I was not able to figure out how that could be done.

Currently I do have an issue with the SetGlobalString function that I want to use to store the weapons TAG's prior to unequipping the weapons. The weapon TAG's are just not saved with the global var. When I try to save a test string like "I was here!" however that works fine.

I already checked that the tags are read correct and they are.
The code I use is as following:
oRightHandWeapon = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_RIGHTWEAPON, oPartyMember);
SetGlobalString("CarthRHW", GetTag(oRightHandWeapon));
Any idea what is wrong?


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