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Question g_jediVmerc 1 ---- more items for mercs?

Hi ^_ _ _^''

I'm hosting a server for my team,
that's mostly on jedivmerc setting...

That means that while you play on HTR rR Server, you choose to be a merc (no force powers, just weapons, and you spawn with melee, blaster pistol, blaster rifle and bowcaster) and a jedi (you chose the force powers you wanna have as in usual gameplay)

This is a base setting, but the jedis are slightly advantaged, so I want to "even the odds"
I want to do that by giving mercs at respawn some items along those weapons...

As a jedi, you can have a max of 8 powers with maximum power.

So, since you spawn with 4 weapons, you should also spawn with 4 items

The items I thought of are cloaking device, jetpack, E-Web and Force Shield...

Now the big one: how do i do that

Thank you for your patience


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