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I tried to stay out of this for the most part, but I am offended by the assumption that all people that don’t have health insurance in the United States are lazy.

Please don’t lump everyone without health insurance or those living below the poverty line into one misunderstood stereotype. According to National Coalition on Health Care there are multiple reason for the uninsured.

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
You think insurance companies are completely transparent? Excuse me while I double over laughing, with all due respect to mimartin.
You’ll get no argument from me. The main reason I don't sell alot of health insurance. The Health Insurance compaines that are more open are also more expensive.

No matter what anyone says, if ran properly UHC would have lower cost than our current system. It is the nature of the beast. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit; UHC would only be in business to cover cost and expenses.
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No, it wasn't an argument. But O'Reilly and 'smart' are rarely used together.
You don't watch or listen to O'Reilly very much. If you did you'd heard how smart he is all the time. O'Reilly constantly tells the viewer/listener how intelligent he is. Really nice bookend to the “Fair and Balance” propaganda his network puts out.

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