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Thanks for the concern, everyone.

We got here and got to see him. It was very reminscent of when my grandmother passed away. He is totally unresponsive and hasn't moved for over 30 hours. His breathing is really labored and sporadically he'll go about 20 seconds without taking a breath.

Everyone else in the room holds their breath, too.

The doctors gave him 24 hours to live at some point yesterday afternoon, but they said the same about my grandmother and she held on for over a week, so we will see what happens.

Thankfully it's just old age. He's 94. He's never been sick a day in his life. He had no medical records until he was 92. He had never even been in a hospital. He was the epitomy of perfect health and fitness, so I guess it's just his time, you know?

My family is taking it kind of hard, though.

And totally, Bongo. I don't know if my aunt's wireless is fast enough for Skype. This is southern Indiana, after all. But we'll see.

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