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Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
I tried to stay out of this for the most part, but I am offended by the assumption that all people that don’t have health insurance in the United States are lazy.
That is pretty much where we lost everyone. People have been adding words to each other's posts. Originally, I made a comment similar to, "Lazy people who are capable of working, but they don't work, should not be able to obtain free healthcare." I was trying to look at people who do not have jobs, and they try to take advantage of Medicare type systems. Somewhere after my comments, people started to connect lazy people to poor people. Eventually, some people started to talk about death and dying. People mixed poster's comments together, glossed over what was actually said, and then came up with weird interpretations. (See the first few posts of this thread, and you will see how things got twisted.)

Universal Healthcare is a tax burden on everyone. I do support the VA, Medicare, and all the ones we have in place. I don't think making another system is being responsible. We should stregnthen the current systems. Seeing as they allready come out of our paychecks, I don't have a problem with the current system. I do have a problem with a nationalized system. It will be too easy to currupt.

Someone asked a question about how I feel about police, hospitals, and fire departments. Without these systsms in place, we would enter into anarchy. They are a necessity.

Our founding fathers understood the issues with socializing systems. That is why we arrived to the new world. We escaped high taxes, regulated laws pertaining to religion, and other freedom restraining elements. I believe in our founding fathers. Two terms come to mind, "All men are created equal" -- and -- "United we stand, divided we fall". Universal Healthcare does reflect these philosophies, but it does not reflect another philosophy, "Freedom, liberty, and justice for all." Freedom is very important. Our Bill of Rights must still protect the people at all costs. Freedom of choice, speech, bare arms, press, etc... We have a responsibility to protect such freedoms. I want the freedom to choose between hot dogs and hamburgers. I want the freedom to speak about anything I want. I want the freedom to give my money freely, and to not have anyone tell me to do so.

One of the darkests thing to reality is consequences. Do we take a right or do we take a left. Universal Healthcare has more negative consequences than positive ones. Anything that is controlled by an all seeing system is destined to become corrupt, twisted, and anything else you can think of. Everyone is basing their assumptions that everyone in the world is innocent. They are not. Look at the news recently. Our government is regulating the financial system, and they are going to appoint an overseer. Creditcard companies have been regulated for years. Not too long ago sixty-minutes did a piece on creditcard regulation. It turns out that the government overseer is on the side of the creditcard companies. Our government doesn't care about us.

People, regulating a larger form of Universal Healthcare is flawed. We are looking at tax burdens ontop of the financial tax burden ontop of...etc... We are also looking at people who will take advantage of the system. Someone who is able to work (capable), and they don't want to work, is not entittled to free healthcare. They need to pull their weight. Everyone has a great argument for those with medical conditions, but those are not the people I'm talking about. Another fault to a regulated system is government kickbacks. Our current military contracts are going to companies that have friends in office, and they are getting kickbacks for establishing connections. Are you telling me that Blue Cross and Blue Sheild and others won't try the same thing? We need to protect our freedom of choice, and where our money ends up. Keep in mind that Presidents and administrations allways change. Who knows what the future holds. Trust no one.

We don't live in a utopian society.


P.S. - Please stop putting words in my mouth.

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