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Universal Health Insurance would put the burden on everyone!

The current system only put the burden for the uninsured on the people with health insurance.

The uninsured are still treated, but the cost of that treatment is expensed by the health care provider. Those expenses are passed on to the consumers that can pay. So as the system stands now, we are paying for the uninsured no matter their reason for not having health insurance, but the cost is being absorbed by only those responsible and lucky enough to be able to afford health insurance and with the health history have the opportunity to purchase the insurance.

Please do not forget, many uninsured are unable to purchase or afford health insurance due to preexisting conditions. It has nothing to do with want or need, but everything to do with ability to be offered coverage. Universal Health Care gives everyone the ability to have health insurance.

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Someone who is able to work (capable), and they don't want to work, is not entittled to free healthcare.
Why are you saying it would be free? I don’t consider an increase tax burden free. The way the system now works, people get free medical procedures. People can afford medical insurance, but don’t have it. They still have broken arms, cancer, babies…. Who do you think pays for these medical procedures?

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P.S. - Please stop putting words in my mouth.

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