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ou want me to provide proof that I can ask for a second opinion?

Besides, if i'm ill, i'd rather focus on actually getting the treatment I need as opposed to shopping around for a doctor who will conform to the budget I have.
Ah. So you don't want to give your source. Interesting. Because that's about the UHC system. I was also asked to back up my claims about UHC. Even though sources are subject to opinion don't you think you still need proof. See how I didn't think it was needed to give a source for something so easy.

Again, the Government doesn't. A doctor does, after examinations and tests to determine if anything is required.
Read. I said ultimately.

I've never stated otherwise.
Never said you did.

I'm curious why you assume I meant about treating minorities. The Government is responsible for the Department of Health, which oversees the NHS.
Just my opinion on it. Never said you said that either.

Governments tend not to steal research from doctors.
I doubt the government will allow you to make a lot of profit on your new breakthrough. I think they will tell you how much you can have and make.

It is on topic if you can't be bother to research for your argument.
I know it is. That was to show you how people will say things I've said on here are not on topic. Then I have to explain how they are. Then they say they aren't then I again state how they are. See how annoying that is.

Just showing you how it feels on the reciving side.

No, it wasn't an argument. But O'Reilly and 'smart' are rarely used together.
Ah see. I said it before and I knew someone would critisize my source even when I give it. lol. Thanks for proving me right again. Your a fun guy to post and debate with. lol. And that's a compliment.

And you call that a refute for what he said about UHC. And if you do again all sources are subject to everyone's opinion, bias, conclustions, where the source is from, etc. I even explained what people could say to bash my own source and gave why I thought he's credible. See it's all perspective.

Originally Posted by El
So what do you think about a student who is working relatively inconsistent pay (such as lawn jobs, etc.), should they be denied coverage or the benefit of a plan that can get them the help they need should they encounter a fatal rough spot?
No. He should be doing more than lawn jobs. If that's all he chooses to do he's not working hard. I don't want to give money or a handout to a lazy.

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