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Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
Ah. So you don't want to give your source. Interesting. Because that's about the UHC system. I was also asked to back up my claims about UHC. Even though sources are subject to opinion don't you think you still need proof. See how I didn't think it was needed to give a source for something so easy.
I never said I wouldn't. But then again, I shouldn't have to, considering that the right to a second opinion is one of the basic rights in all healthcare across the world.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Read. I said ultimately.
And the Government still doesn't. See mine and SW01's points about it being 'overseen' by Governments. Very different to controlling.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
Ah see. I said it before and I knew someone would critisize my source even when I give it. lol.
That's because O'Reilly is more of a sensationalist than a source.

Originally Posted by SD Nihil
And you call that a refute for what he said about UHC.
Sorry, but three minutes of scaremongering and whining doesn't even warrant a refute.

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