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Originally Posted by Inyri View Post
Financially, what's the difference between paying taxes into a health care system that benefits everyone and paying premiums for an insurance policy you may potentially never end up making use of?
None! Other than the fact you make everyone share in the burden with UHC there is no difference.

Originally Posted by Inyri View Post
What exactly is the difference, realistically? Because it seems to me that one of the biggest qualms is people don't want to be paying for someone else's care. Guess what? You are either way.
Originally Posted by SD Nihil View Post
No. He should be doing more than lawn jobs. If that's all he chooses to do he's not working hard. I don't want to give money or a handout to a lazy.
I don't know if I have every read anything more offensive on this forum. My Grandfather worked hard every day of his life. He was not lazy. I’m by far way more lazy than my grandfather ever was, although I most likely earn in a couple hours what it took him a month to earn. If you have not guessed my Grandfather earned his livelihood by mowing lawns. I did not say that was his occupation, because he was Presbyterian Minister. However, he was also an idealist and would not accept compensation for doing the Lord’s work.

Just because you do not approve of a person's occupation does not mean they are lazy. That is a fact and not just my opinion.

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