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Chapter 2: The clowns that cry

As I awoke the next day a peculiar thought ran through my head. I didn't understand what I was thinking about at all while I got out of the kolto tank. I slowly dressed back into my arbiter clothing and slowly reached for the holdout blaster. I wondered why I even brought it with me the previous day. However for some reason I thought I would need it again this day.

As I slowly walked back towards the courts a strange feeling crept over me. I felt as if someone was directly behind me. However as soon as I turned around no one was there. I felt strangely embarrassed but continued to press on.

As I walked into the courts I noticed it empty, devoid of any life whatsoever. I walked over to the judge's seats to notice them completely empty.

"Huh. Odd." I said to myself as I walked around. I had never seen the high courts ever empty. There was always some form of crime on Manaan that needed solving.

As I began to walk out I heard a very loud mechanical clank. Before I could walk out of the courts I saw a very new energy shield activate infront of me.

"What is going on?" I asked as I moved my hand towards the shield. It was repulsed instantly.

"He's secure." A voice said from afar. I spun around to see 5 sith troops walk out of a hidden door by the side. I was completely surprised to see them.

One of them walked up to me, he was fully garbed in red sith armor. His large battle rifle was aimed directly at me

"This is for letting Ruth go. Have a nice death." Before I could react I was shocked to see a beam of pure yellow pierce the sith soldier's chest. I watched as the sith screamed in pain as the yellow blade was removed from his chest. All the other sith were completely shocked to see the figure standing there.

The figure holding the lightsaber was a human. He wore dark brown hair and had a straight forward face. He wore a dark brown ribbed jacket with a white shirt underneath. A flap of the shirt seemed to be loose and came out. His pants were black with a stripe down the sides of them. He seemed to have a gun holstered to his side. I had no idea what to think of the figure standing here. Holding a yellow lightsaber.

Before the other sith could raise their weapons the figure seemed to move quicker then lightning. Soon they all fell to the ground at the same time. Both their weapons and throats cut.

The man walked over to me after dispatching the final sith. I quickly studied his face and recognized him as the patron I saw sitting alone at the Cantina the day before.

"What is going on? Who are you?" I asked him with my hold-out blaster in my hand.

"My name is Atton, Atton Rand. I was sent here by the Jedi to find more about some guy named Rendar Ruth. Though I found out you needed help after you saved Ruth from being executed by the High Council of Manaan" What Atton appeared to say sounded way to complicated and smooth to be bull****. His way with words was astoundingly persuasive.

"Alright. But what is going on. Why do they want to kill me?" I asked moving my foot towards the red sith.

"Well like I said before. You helped Rendar Ruth from dying for his crimes. That drunk who tried to kill him didn't do it because he had taken to many drinks at the Cantina. He was specifically ordered to do it." I shrugged slightly and crossed my arms.

"So what happens now?" I asked turning to the repulsion field.

"Well first we need to go to your apartment. I heard there was a holocam activated inside there, which means they are probably ransacking your place as we speak. Once we dispatch the guys there, then we can talk more publicly about Rendar Ruth." Atton slowly said as he walked over to the force field. I hadn't noticed a control panel right next to the field earlier.

As we walked back to my apartment I noticed that Atton kept his right hand pressed onto a blaster pistol in his holster. For reasons I really couldn't understand.

Once we made it to the door Atton stopped me for a moment towards the door's control panel.

"I have a bad feeling about this. Keep to the right." He said slowly as he moved to the left of me. I slowly shrugged as I pointed my holdout blaster. The blaster only had the charge of a few rounds.

Atton slowly opened the door. As I peered in I noticed 3 Sith troopers. Waiting there inside, armed completely to the teeth.

"Alright just as I suspected." Atton reached for his blaster pistol and walked inside.

"Hey!" He called out to the three of them. All of them quickly went to their guns and pointed them at him.

"Get down on the ground and put your hands on your head." One said to him.

"No. Actually I think I'll make you go down onto the ground." Quick as lightning Atton fired three shots at all of the sith. All were perfect direct hits, killing them all instantly.

"Pure Pazaak." He said as he placed his gun back into his holster. I walked into my apartment completely surprised.

"So what happens now?" I asked him stepping over a nearby sith corpse.

"That holocam is still working. So right now we should head over back to the council chambers." I was quite confused as to why. But he slowly lead me out of my apartment and back onto the streets. However we did not go towards the courts.

"Where are we going?" I asked him as we walked.

"To the cantina. That message I left should buy us about 10 minutes. By that time I can be on Dantooine giving my report to my jedi council and finally I can have some peace." Atton seemed to be very annoyed at something as he spoke. I decided not to pry and continued to walk.

I sat across from Atton in a nearby booth. We both ordered no drinks.

"Alright. Can you please tell me what is going on?" I asked him placing my hold-out blaster back into my sleeve.

"Alright here is the story. Rendar Ruth lands on Manaan. The sith find out about it so they send Spexil. Spexil poses as an angry drunk and tries to kill Ruth. Ruth is forewarned about his coming and kills him. You protect Ruth, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against him. The Sith of course are to late to catch Ruth before he leaves Manaan. So they try to kill you in the most discreet way possible." Atton's story seemed to make some sense.

"Alright. So how do you fit into this?" I asked leaning back a little."

"Well I am a Jedi... well not really. I helped the Jedi get back on their feet a little after they were almost hunted to extinction. But really all I do is help the Jedi Exile with a few jobs. All of those jedi types are to boring for my taste." I motioned for him to continue. "But anyway. I was sent here to find out if Ruth had been assassinated or not. I don't really know, but I heard something about Rendar Ruth being extremely important in the Republic. So I was sent here to prevent any form of assassinations. But before I could stop anything he killed Spexil. So I showed up at the trial and found you there defending him. After I saw him leave the planet I knew you would be in danger of foiling their little plan. So I decided to help you." He worded every line perfectly.

"So... what happens now?" I asked him sitting up now.

"Now. Well you have a few choices. I am heading back to Dantooine to see if the Exile can give me a few credits for saving you. You can either stick around here to see if the Manaan High council can help you from any more assassinations. Or you could leave the planet and try to seek refuge until this all cools down. It's your call, I don't really have a part in it." Atton slowly began to get up. I watched as the strange jedi walked away from the cantina.


The Selkath slowly sat up as he looked at the old man. "Now I sat at that booth for a few minutes. I had two choices as Atton said. One, stay on Manaan and risk a Disruptor blast penetrating my head while I am walking down the street. Or I could leave the planet and try to lay low. I guess it was better to die old and poor then young and rich. But eventually I decided

{I am more of an Atton fan then a Carth Fan btw. I feel he was the best character to include in this chapter}

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