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Originally Posted by Astor_Kaine View Post
The simple fact is that a UHC is not government controlled. Funded, yes, controlled, no.

A UHC removes a Doctor's concerns about their paychecks, allowing them to focus solely on the needs of the patient, not how much they can pay. UHCs also do not stall or prevent advancement in the system - if anything it creates a more level playing field because everyone is, in effect working for the same employer.
I find some irony in the fact that we lack a UHC, my aunt, who makes a dang lot of money for a doctor(she made more than the president until he raised his income), makes it in the California prison system. Which pretty much has a Universal care program paid through taxes(though, ironically, not through the taxes of the people it serves).

It pays well, has good job security, and judging from the fact that many minor criminals become institutionalized due to better care in prisons than in non-prison life, I would say their quality of care is pretty good.

So, assuming we have a healthcare program at least as good as our massivly bloated prison system, I think we'd have a good deal. We already pay for some 300,000 prisoners who aren't paying for us, seems only right we pay for people who aren't criminals as well.

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