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Overall, a great game...but..

I've just finished the game. I bought it against my better judgement despite the middling reviews, and probably partly because my expectations had been dampened I ended up really loving the game. I just wanted to say that I think the devs did a really great job with so many aspects of the game.

The graphics are really incredible (I have the 360 version), I love the physics and the DMM etc. The force moves are great fun. The storyline, as everyone says, is brilliant - actually genuinely changes canon for the Star Wars universe. It's great that George Lucas now sees games as a legitimate medium to do this, alongside the movies. And the game's score is INCREDIBLE. Features all those familiar SW themes, mixed with great new stuff and blended all together perfectly. Marching through Kashykk as Vader with the Imperial March pumping and legions of Star Destroyers overhead really is up there with my all time best gaming moments

There are certain things about the game, though, that I consider a missed opportunity, though. Thought I'd share those thoughts with the wider community, see what you all think In no particular order:

1. The levels based in organic environments are not as "Star Wars evoking" as those based in well-known and loved locations. Felucia just didn't feel too Star Wars to me. It's also a question of level design - linearity works better in artificial environments - it feels more peculiar to be hemmed in to one path in an outdoor environment. Personally I'd have loved it to have every level set in some kind of imperial setting! Can't get enough of Stormtrooper slaying

2. Although I loved the look of Raxus Prime, I found it slightly difficult to make out the bad guys against the backdrop. Something about the colour scheme. Minor quibble, but again, killing junkyard droids is not that Star Wars...

3. As has been stated in other reviews, your growing power is offset largely by the growing power of the enemies you face in each level. That's great from a game balance point of view, but one of my most fervent hopes for this game was the ability to march through some imperial installation dispatching LEGIONS of stormtroopers with consumate Jedi/Sith ease. That doesn't really ever happen, with the possible exception of the Tie shipyard level. That's not to say I didn't enjoy what WAS on offer, but it would have been nice to have more weak enemies thrown at you in later levels to remind you of how powerful you'd become.

4. Lightsabre combat. While on the whole I liked the combo system, my personal opinion on the subject is that anything that comes near a lightsaber should be dismembered, or at least killed pretty instantly . Too many enemies are either sabre resistant or force resistant. I'm of the opinion that game balance is a secondary consideration to game experience, others I'm sure disagree. I understand the commercial reasons for not having sabre dismemberment, it's still disappointing

5. QTEs. These are fine. Once in a while, but it's a shame that I have no idea what those cool scripted sequences where Starkiller dispatches a Jedi look like, because I was too busy staring intently at the bottom section of the screen. QTEs are too fashionable in action games now, they need to be reigned in a bit

Overall though, I'm really glad I bought the game, currently on my second play through, if anything it's MORE fun than the first time. One thing I desperately wish the game had, though, is a Spartan: Total Warrior style arena challenge mode - sort of like a beefed-up training room. You could face off against waves of increasingly powerful enemies and see how long you could last. Or there could be a simple arena sandbox where enemies are continually spawned and you could test out your creative killing skills to your hearts content Maybe you could do it in a DLC. Hell, I'd buy it
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