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Thanks everyone! More of my relatives arrived last night and it was pretty crazy... So many people were crowded in his small room, but everyone was so quiet, and when they did talk it was pointless chatter... you could tell that everyone was tense and worried. Then everyone left for dinner and my father and I stayed to watch over my grandfather. Nothing has changed. He's been in the same position and breathing the same way as he has been for the past three days. At one point his eyelids fluttered and his jaw moved, and it almost looked like he was about to open his eyes and wake up, but then he went back to normal. Nothing changed, so

oh my god.

My mother JUST called.... he just passed away.... Well.... I guess that's that... we'll probably be having the funeral sometime this weekend. Right now I'm at my aunt's house watching over my nieces. They don't like the nursing home so much, so I wasn't there when he died. Apparently my older aunts aren't taking it so well...

Well, I guess I'll keep you all updated. Thanks for the prayers and the concern, everyone.

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