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I am proud to announce the first release version of this mod.

This is just the first release of this mod.
Further development is going on.

Holster Party Weapons Mod v1.0
for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I (English language version only)

This mod provides an Armband that when used will unequip the parties weapons on first use and reequip them on the next use.

To get the armband talk to Carth and ask him if he has any items you could use.

Extract the downloaded file, start the install exe and follow the instructions.
The installer is made with TSLPatcher.

Because the installer is made with TSLPatcher this mod should be compatible with most other mods.
The only exception will be mods that made changes to Carth's dialogues (File: k_hcar_dialog.dlg).

LucasForum - a great resource of information about modding KoTOR and a bunch of helpfull people.
Stoffe - for his TSLPatcher.
Fred Tetra - for his very helpful KoTOR-Tool.
And to all the other people I haven't mentioned, that support the KoTOR community with their ideas, experience, or tools.

Thank you!

v1.0 – Initial Release

Download from my Homepage

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