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Somehow, I don't think it's likely.

1. Lucasarts don't hold the licenses for Sam and Max any more

2. Telltale Games is made up of the LA staff members who quit because of it's cancellation - they now produce the games that LA clearly doesn't want to make.

3. LA's license with Steve Purcell expired in 2005, and has not been renewed.

4. There is not a single trace of Sam and Max on the LA website - they clearly have no interest in making games for it anymore.

The current Sam & Max games were born out of the crashing and burning of this game - If they were to make it, I doubt you'd find it be pretty much the same as the current series of Sam & Max games.

Also, online petitions tend not to work - they didn't work for the Jedi Knight games, or many other LA games.
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