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Hey, Ave, my drama teacher sucks. Period. He's a horrible teacher, totally conceited, and can be a total ****tard sometimes. Sure, he's good at Drama. Sure, he's been doing theater at our school for almost 20 years. Sure, all the drama kids suck up to him and kiss his ass whenever auditions are coming up. And sure, he thinks that I think he's fantastic. But despite all that he's still bitch.

Does that mean I don't like theater and don't want to possibly teach theater as a career? Of course not. However, it DOES mean that I'm going to keep my possibilities open. I'm going to major in Communications and English, meaning that I could fall back on teaching English at the high school level and start up a theater department if I so desire, but I'm not limited to that field. And that's what I would suggest to you.

Oh, and sorry if my posts tonight suck. It's been a long day and I'm dead tired.

And I don't think "dead tired" is good word choice for me to be using right now.

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