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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Thus I award you the "Vremenist's Prize" for taking so much time and effort to review every single darn chapter! It's more than just a "kudos", however, for if you choose to accept it, I need--a character--in my KOTOR III fic:

Would you be willing to create a character profile for the "PC"? This isn't going to be a MMOTOR story, because I honestly think the real-life MMOTOR idea is a dumb one anyway. I would be absolutely honored if I had the task of "fleshing out" a character template that you yourself created.

As for the writing style of "The Galactic Sundering," I intend to write it as an alternating sort of narrative between the 3rd-person-omniscient exploits of the "PC" and his or her crewmembers and the first-person ravings of the false Jedi madwoman, Bastila. What do you say, mach? Will you be my "PC"?
Is it a follow on to Vremya? What are you looking for in the character beyond MBM (Made By Mach)?

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