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I can tell it to stay canceled in your thread as much as I want and there is nothing you can do about it.

It was going to be a REALLY ****ty game, get over it.

And besides, you're being silly to want it uncanceled simply because you don't seem to understand how the licensing rights to Sam and Max work. Steve Purcell is actually the sole owner of the Sam and Max characters, which is very rare for any video game characters (only calling them that because most people were exposed to them by Hit the Road), but that all has to do with them being independent comic darlings way before the first game. This is why it's possible to make Sam and Max games at other companies, but not possible with Full Throttle or Monkey Island and the like. I really doubt any of Purcell's friends who worked on the first game or who continued to work at Lucasarts after he left are even still there, which would render it foolish to license out the rights to the rigid corporate retards that produce at Lucasarts now. The second Full Throttle sequel they were producing was going to be a disaster.

And what's with that yellow cat?! By Sam and Max law they are the only two plushy animal maniacs allowed to traipse around New York. There are no rival animals! Sure there were bigfoots in Hit the Road, but that is basically a man with lots of hair. Ask Bob Hoskins or Ron Perlman.
Just because of that feline policeman, I think somehow Steve Purcell wasn't too involved and that the people who were working on it had never read the comic, seen the show, or played the previous game.

The only merit about a game being developed by Lucasarts at that time was that they were able to get Bill Farmer and Nick Jameson back, which were the best voice actors I've ever heard for the characters. I wish Telltale could afford them, as I really don't like their voice actors, but that's okay, I understand. The guy who played Max in the show was good too, although a different more frenetic take on Max. The voice of Sam in that show was worse than the Telltale games though in my opinion.

What Sam and Max game I'd love to see uncanceled was the action game being developed by Infinite Machine, that would have been a nice approach. And the concept art for the statue of liberty, the spider woman, and the other aliens was amazing.
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