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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
Yes, it is a follow-up to Vremya, and for this character, the "new PC", the only basic thing I want from the character is that s/he is no Uberjedi at the beginning. S/he is a humble neonate, "starting at level 1" in gamespeak, whom nobody thinks has a chance to take down Bastila and her "True Jedi", let alone the True Sith. However, of course, as the character progresses through the new 20-parter, s/he "grows up" and finds that s/he may be the galaxy's last hope. I also want "the PC" to learn the ways of the Force at the rebuilt Enclave on Dantooine so Atton, Visas, et al. can make cameo appearances.

Sound good?
I had been considering an admixture of Breia Solo and Sienna Dodonna if you catch my drift...

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