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Raxus Prime Saber hilt

I've looked EVERYWHERE.

1> Raxus Prime

It's location is on the cliff overlooking the temple. The hilt will be on the wall on the opposite side of the glass panel on the cliff, hanging above and next to the small cave with hp inside of it. To get up there just force hold a piece of junk near it and use it to help you jump to the hilt.
1> Raxus Prime- Continue through the stage until you come to an open area, that expands east, with an elevator ahead of you that will take you to the lower levels, stop and look the west to see a ledge floating on the far west side of the screen, maneuver a piece of broken junk in below the edge, with your force powers, then jump onto the ledge from where u placed the object. (Qui-Gonn Jinn Hilt)
I've seen those, and they're no help! They don't tell me where to look. I've wasted literally (not exaggerating) 2 1/2 hours and two game saves trying to find this darn hilt. It's my last one to find.

Can someone give me a more detailed spot where to find it? Or if they can, take a picture of where it is? I've looked... everywhere.. I'm on my last nerve.
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