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Another old thread!

Handmaiden wins. No contest. I'm a girl, and I still HATE AND DESPISE blonde bland little Mr. Prince Charming wanna-be with the bad accent. He's waaaaaay too easy to pry stuff out of. And he's naive. INCREDIBLY naive. (Way to go, Atton. Shoulda insisted that he not come along just a little harder...)

Handmaiden's pretty, and she's not automatically, "Oh, I love you! I'll do anything you say!" which really gets on my nerves. She has a great hairdo, too! I'm strongly tempted to get the handmaiden/fem Exile mod just so I won't have to put up with 'Meeeeeekul'. (Sorry, ever since I heard his name was Mical, I always think of the guy in K1 ) If I can just avoid the dialog options that lead to the romance, it'd be really really fun...

Poor Disciple! He is losing this poll so bad!

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

Short stories:
T'katlu: On the planet Felucia, a young apprentice of the Dark Side thinks back to the beginning of her training as she lies in wait for her prey...

All the Time: After four years in the Unknown Regions, the Exile returns to the known galaxy to visit an old enemy.

Broken: A master of the Dark Side finds himself about to lose the one thing he cares about--and he will do anything to stop her from endangering herself.

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