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Prestige "Padawan" Robes

Download Here:
I didn't like how bulky Master Jedi robes are, so I decided to take it upon myself to do a little mod, not big, but make a few new items for the game.

They each have modified descriptions, custom icons, custom stats (not overpowered), and of course, custom skins. All using the Padawan Robes because they're more thin than the thicker Master robes.

[Jedi Weapon Master Robe]

[Jedi Master Robe]

[Jedi Watchman Robe]

[Force Warrior Robe]

[Jedi Healer Robe]

[Jedi Librarian Robe]

[Jedi General Robe]

AUTHOR: Merios/xbx_inthusiast

EMAIL: -snip-

NAME: Jedi Prestige “Padawan” Robes



CREDIT: Achlles for his Padawan Robe Templates, Darth Insidious for supplying me with the original files, Lucasarts/Obsidian.

The original Master robes tended to look a little nasty, so I decided to throw in a bunch of new robes in the Padawan robe shape. They're all custom items with custom stats/descriptions/icons/skins. Though, they're not put in game via a placeable or script yet.

Extract the files from the archive and drag them into your override folder, leaving out the Readme, of course.

Optional: Use the folders supplied to help with clutter. (As in, just drag the folders to your override)

Delete the folders/files in your Override folder.

Here are the cheats to be able to get it to work in game:
“Force Warrior Robe”
giveitem forcewarrior

“Jedi General Robe”
giveitem jedigeneral

“Jedi Healer Robe”
giveitem jedihealer

“Jedi Librarian Robe”
giveitem jedilibrarian

“Jedi Master's Robe”
giveitem masterrobe

“Jedi Watchman Robe”
giveitem watchman

“Jedi Weaponmaster Robe”
giveitem weaponmaster

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