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Chapter 3: The real first start

The Selkath stood up slightly. Causing the old man to recoil, revealing a blaster in his hand.

"Sit down. I am prepared to use this." He said pointing to the chair. The Selkath slowly shrugged and sat down again.

"Not that it would do any good. Ive dodged Blaster fire before." The old man quickly cocked his blaster pistol.

"You have three choices right now Fish head. Either I shoot you in the head, you tell me more about your connections with Ruth or you get deported back to Manaan and face the high council. I can guarantee two of those will lead to death. One will lead to freedom.

"Fine." The Selkath quickly repositioned himself.


The public transport off Manaan was crowded, disease ridden and generally disgusting. I felt as if I was being infected by these humans who apparently did not hear about cleaning themselves. But somehow I made my way to a window seat overlooking the ocean.

"Where is this crate going again?" One human asked a Trandoshan in the corner.

"Who cares? I think the sign said something about going to Sleheyron." Sleheyron was unknown to me at the time. I probably thought when I listened to their conversation that Sleheyron was some city planet that had a lot of Tibanna gas and was ruled by the Hutts.

As I watched the public transport ship warp to hyperspace I slowly sighed and waited. I had never been on a ship before, but for some reason I thought it was nothing special. As long as I didn't get myself killed for at least a week I could go back to Ahto and forget about everything.

As I looked around I strangely spotted a gold protocol droid by itself. This was strange because I did not see a restraining bolt on him from my glance. I found this peculiar as most droids I saw before that were either accompanied by someone or had a restraining bolt on them in plain sight, as to avoid being scrapped.

I stood up and walked over to the golden protocol droid. It strangely enough looked towards me and looked back to where it was looking before. I quickly decided to speak.

"So who are you with?" I asked the droid casually.

"Oh? No one." He said finally turning his head fully.

"I don't think I have seen a freelance droid before. Aren't you afraid of getting... er scrapped?" I asked crossing my arms

"Oh no. Watch, move away." I walked backwards shrugging slightly. The droid walked forward and bumped into a human wearing a black vest.

"Hey watch it droid."

"Oh terribly sorry" The droid apologized. "But I noticed your lack of fashion sense and decided to bump you in the right direction."

"Huh? Whatchoo talking about, you stupid piece of scrap metal." The human said angrily. He quickly took a blaster out.

Instantly what appeared to be a blaster came out of the droid's right arm. The droid fired apon the human. Hitting him right between the eyes. The human buckled to the ground with a blank look of surprise on his face.

"Do you see?" Instantly several people who appeared to be peasants ran to the body and began taking whatever they could from it.

The droid walked over back where it was before. I walked over to it to continue the conversation from before.

"So why are you going to Slehyron?" I asked the droid leaning on a wall close to him.

"You are the first sentiant to actually.. start a conversation that wasn't offensive. If your clothing didn't repulse me I would formally thank you." I was quite taken aback by his tone. He actually insulted me of my arbiter uniform. Though I couldn't really blame him. I didn't own really any other clothing besides Selkath jumpsuits. Even then the jumpsuits looked the same and I really couldn't find any other clothing.

I continued to lean on the ship wall. I waited there until the ship finally buckled out of hyperspace. I walked over to a window and marveled at the great red planet of Slehyron. Being on a blue planet for so long it seemed quite refreshing to view a red planet

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