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i cant stand being darkside in k1 or k2.
the thing is,you can be really idiotically sadistic in k2. you can kill random people for no reason. buut weell, sometimes i go a little darkside for the perks...
and sometimes i go hybrid. one instance that comes to mind is saquesh on nar shadaa. i negotiate with squidhead to save the refugee's daughter, getting ls points, then i go and snoop around his base in stealth, stealing his loot. after which i purposely go into his cache room so i can fillet that obnoxious idiot and barbeque his piggies. thus gaining xp, and a lot of goodies along the way.
i always try the ds opyions just to see the different outcomes but then i quick load and choose the best way which i want. (be it light or, if goodies are concerned, dark )

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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