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yknow, the first time i played, i couldnt have cared less about bao. my friend thought he was awesome but i was like, "what?! he does nothing! you cant even talk to him!"
but it was crazy... in my second playthrough, i just... thought he was great! he just suddenly looked really neat, and MAN, he looks AWESOME when he's darkside!! i now think bao-dur is great!! it would SO annoying if they really killed him! if that happened... i would be SO ticked. first they go mess up the ending sacrificing quality for their wallets, and then to go kill bao-dur?? i wouldnt stand it!

is this thread necromancy? there seems to be a trend right now... how old is too old for resurrection? this thread is on the first page... and besides, when i saw it i *had* to post my annoyance
im with melly on this

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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