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For pretty much the same reasons as the one who startred this thread.

While zez kai ell seemed more sympathetic in his recount of the exiling of your character...he just seems too accquiesent to others. Even if he sticks up for you.

Kavar--though ran away (as a matter of self preservation and to avoid attracting too much attention)--has a sturdier personality. Your friend, but also strong conviction in his position. Whether for or against you.

I respect that a boat load. At least until it becomes arrogant, selfish hypocrisy...for which he had to die in the LS scheme.

That and
his blades; one normal length, one short, kind of reminds me of Miyamoto Musashi's sword form in real life.

That and I like lightsaber form 7, being able to shred your adversaries like a lawnmower. Even if it isn't perfected...yet.

Vaapad is mace's own personal refinement of the Juyo form, and from a jeet-kune-doe perspective, I'm actually not surprised Mace didn't fall to the dark side near or after mastering it.

Back to my point, a famed guardian/weapon master is badass. Not that the other types don't kick ass too.

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