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Post Jk2 Sci-fi Mod

Yea I'm prolly a little quick on this one, but I've been working on a Jk2 mod since I heard of it even becoming reality some time back. Anywho, basically right now I'm doing sounds, models, and mapping, which I'll convert to Jk2 later. Anyways I'm accepting applications for the following departments:
Mapping, Modeling/Skinning, Sound, Programming. I have not decided on the complete basis of the mod or even the name yet. Really the only thing that can be done yet except Mapping, Modeling/Skinning, and Sound. The programming will have to come once the game is out and we have the source code. Everything else can be converted over very easily once Jk2 is out. On another note, my friend Eagle has given me 2 models which he made and will be used in the mod, so here they are to wet your lips a bit.....

Also if you are interested just email me at or ICQ me: 61601718.

Good day, and Hopefully Lucasarts won't have a fit.


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