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me: disk. why? because i always have to have my favorite stuff on physical cds. even food and drink.
and preferably cd-roms. dvds are all well and good, but generally cds are faster.
and cds would have more artwork on it
but i doubt it would be cd. if it was, itd probably be 5-8 discs. :
its about time they did something like stick games on flash drives! it would be more convenient. like have a 'game ring: a keychain ring with heaps of usb games on it. buuut it would be chunky, and it would be a whole lot easier for some grunt to mug you and grab your $500 gaming collection.

bring on the holographic storage devices! they look so awesome! and we can call them holo cubes as homage to star wars! (due 2010 i think... unlike cds they hold data all inside the volume of the cube. 1 cubic inch=1.5tb i think. not sure)
FYI: did you know that the main mode of data storage changes ever ten years? (average)

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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