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Originally Posted by T7nowhere View Post
I think that might be my fault, I included most of the mods in the main install and I think I might have included a coouple as additional installs eventhough they were in the main install. I might have done this incase you choose another of the selective installs and then want to revert.

But It also may have been my mistake. it was the first time that I had used an installer and so I probably made some mistakes. I never updated as I started to make more of my own mods and it became to much of a chore to continue with the mod merging and make my own stuff. In the readme I listed all the mod contributers and their mods so if you need to know the specific files you might be able to find their mods online to download.

I found my back up folder from when I set this compilation up so let me know which mods you want and I can check to see which files you need to install. I'm actually surprised that I still have it. lol that was two PC's ago. I'm more organized that I thought
lol nice ... but the only mods that caught my attention were

Colja:reskined final DS faces for some of the PC's
Darth333: Recutible Dustil
ORSAN:selectibable character Obi Wan
T7nowhere(you):Sabers+DS_equipement, Dual colored doublesabers, Bastila selctible on Korriban(speacial thanks goes to Kitty Kitty for this one) 5 Selectable male twi'leks with DS transitions, Selectable Uthar with DS transitions, plus selectible npc's with out Ds transitions yet Gadon, Brejik, Davik, Mekel, Rakata, Duros and Swoopgang, Plus a few other cosmetic things are changed here and there.

i tried installing your sabers and dual colored doublesabers but they didnt work and i think i may have installed the wrong files...

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