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Help with...

Hi im kinda new to this community but i've been modding jedi knight and soldier of fortune 2 for some time.
Yesterday i got a problem.
when start jedi knight 2 the menu shows a 3d saber called: jk2logo.md3
Well i made my own logo and imported it with no problems at all.
but when i tried to turn of the rotation, it just didn't work
this is what i got:
name logomodel
group none
rect -123 48 400 400
model_angle 90
model_rotation 0.0
asset_model "models/map_objects/bespin/jk2logo.md3"
model_fovx 37
model_fovy 34
model_origin 100 100 100
visible 1
Well the logo just kept rotating.
so i tried doing the same with soldier of fortune 2 and it worked, the logo didn't rotate anymore..

So if anyone knows how to get the jk2logo stop rotating in jedi knight i'd be very happy
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