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This is just a vein attempt to revitalize a dead thread, so I don't expect anything to come of this... feel free to do so if you want. After seeing the meltdown of the US economy, I realize that this entire thread is full of false hopes that can't work out even if the US were in a position to save itself.

Even if the US could make use of all the wind energy and solar energy that could be harnessed, the US power grid has never been designed with the intent to share electricity over long distances or in huge quantities. There is no way to substitute oil for any other sources of energy before we have the means to pay all the capital costs and deal with physical limitations.

I'm not claiming that I'm wrong about the majority of what I've shared, but have lacked much of what else is required and can't be done unless other objectives have been dealt with first. Hope I didn't raise any false hopes in which to kill.
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