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Bugs I've Found ** Spoilers **

Several things that are pretty annoying:

1) When you are in the area where the Sarlac is, the stormtroppers all keep falling all over the place, on the geometry and stuff. I mean, they can't be THAT clumsy.
2) Near the edge of the sarlac, towards the front, I was able to slip through the geometry
3) During the fight with the Bull Rancor, several times, the camera view acted weird and basically spun up in the air [I couldn't see myself anymore]. I had to just wait for it to come back to earth.
4) The Shadow tropper guys [the ones that look like imperial guards] are totally jacked up. The one in Cloud City basically "turned off" once I led him up the ramps, away from the area he spawns. Made it quite easy to kill. The other one also "turned off" and basically stood there and let me kill him without any retaliation.
5) In the area with the Sarlac, on the right-hand side, I would pick up some of the containers with Right-Trigger and they would just explode [they didn't hit anything].
6) I cannot recall the EXACT location, but its where you are supposed to open a large door with the force. I was able to kil a guy on the other side with my lightsaber, even though the door was closed.
7) In several places, typical LOS junk... people were able to shoot me when I was standing behind something -- I actually saw the blaster bolts go through the walls.

It really seems to me that as you got further into the game, the play testing got worse and worse... like they were able to devote a lot of time to the first 1/3, less to the next 1/3 and even less to the next 1/3....

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